There are many excellent websites for downloading games and other things that are cracked. If you like one of the reviews, why not try them out? From the above list of 10, you can find one website that is suitable for you

Many places hide offensive elements in their applications and oftentimes bypass anti-virus programs. The crack of these software allows the user access to the codes used in the operation of the software and to the application’s inner workings. Developers get access to the application’s sources which allows them to make changes to the application. Many of these cracked versions work correctly or even better than the originals.

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To have a digital copy of your movies and TV Shows then you need to visit Sites like PSN ID Cracker or IMDB ID Cracker . Below is an image that shows the process of how it works, just enter your PSN/IMDB ID into the URL above and it will deliver a digital copy to you in a matter of seconds.

This is the first site on the list that you should check out for cracking videos. RYCTube offers you quality movies and TV shows in HD and it allows you to download them. You will see the difference between the quality of the videos on the site and the videos you have on your desktop. Even though the videos are available on multiple sites like youtube, they are not as good in my opinion.