The iOS version is clearly the highest ranked, with an average of 4.1 out of 5 stars.
Each software program is shown with a glowing halo to indicate its rating.
The icons are the same for all apps, and the quality of icons can be seen in the differences between each software program. Click on the top icon to view the icon for each software program.
They are all identical in their rating, but the icons for each software are different with that of each app.

All new reports are prepared with the help of several sources which are commonly used in this field. Our team pays close attention to both organic and paid search traffic. The search terms are examined, to determine which search queries are best-suited to a particular traffic source.

The websites are ranked by a combination of several factors, but the main factors that I use are the number of backlinks from different sources, the volume of search traffic, the high bounce rate, the low pages rank in the search engines (and the volume of the keywords related to each website).

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