Another very popular torrent site, The Pirate Bay is geared towards helping users storing and sharing cracked software. The site and its torrents are protected, and if youre lucky you’ll find lots of cracked software to download. The Pirate Bay does not allow the posting of warez and does not host cracked software. They only post the links to cracked software, so its up to you to find out if a site is legit or not.

Everything we have said above is not inclusive and required at all.. And we will include all the sources from where we get the below materials. These types of sites listed below are collectively referred as as sites or websites that sell Android applications for download. Most of us are well aware about the app stores where we find out the biggest names in the Android world, but there are also dozens of others who keep their source of income by selling apps for Android. Some of them might be legit, while many are simply people who share their favourite apps. So we will try to warn you about those and advise you on choosing the legit one to avoid the scam!
And if you find a legit source, you can download apps for free but keep in mind, that you will not get updates that come with the legit app store.
But of course, you should be concerned about the same, so we have given you some details on choosing your preferred website to download cracked apps for Android.

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