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Infinite Loop During Time Interval

I am using MSXML2.XMLHTTP in my program, which loops through a series of websites.
I am using the following:

while (doc.readystate!= 4)

This works in that, when the “parent” program runs the infinite loop in an infinite loop is caught and terminated.
The issue is that, even if, during the infinite loop, the XHR responds before the timeout (it takes a while for the server to respond), the program still enters the infinite loop and loops until the server responds (in this case, it crashes) or it responds and the loop terminates.
I tried using the timeout, but since that is an integer, it can only be set a limited amount of time. Is there a way to increase the timeout to much longer than an integer? Or is there a way to force the loop to terminate when the timeout is reached?


I ended up using a try catch statement.
catch (Exception)

Effects of the K(v)1.2 alpha-subunit-encoding RNA on the Kv1.2 alpha-subunit protein at the plasma membrane of human HeLa cells.
The Kv

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