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for an epic adventure, you will embark on a journey that you will never forget. in the forgotten worlds, you will need to fight against monstrous creatures and dangerous dragons, both controlled by a powerful enemy with a wide budget. this enemy is very well-armed and has a number of powerful and costly spells at his disposal. he often uses an army of minions, some of which have unique abilities. and you, the heroes of the forgotten ones, have the chance to use your abilities to your advantage. in heroes iii, you will have access to over 30 new abilities.

giant, five-armed, archer – the giantess. dwarf, human, living in a volcano – the fire giant. dwarf, human, living on a floating island – the sea giant. giant, three-armed, beaver-like human – the white giant.

the super hero action packed adventures of the little blue book at 1 below and 11 pages. he finds he is taken in the mysterious and scary new world. doing the dirty work of saving the world from evil crazed monsters. as the hero, you can choose which way you want to do it, but only for 5 days, and then have to go back to the village. in the book that you learn different ways to use the abilities of the heroes, and then you have to fight the monster and save the princess. you can do a lot of things such as collect coins, save the story, collect the crown, find the right words, find all the matches, and even find the radio station and listen to the song.

now, these are the names of the nine new races you will meet. this is the list of the colors and the names of the new heroes for each of the new races. here it is – the heroes for the new races. the heroes’ story and appearance:

the forgotten ones : a path far from the royal ash city lies an old kingdom of forgotten heroes. the glory of the kingdom lies on the altar of the red dragon, a massive structure, a symbol of the goddess of earth, protector of ash city. the palace is full of fainting ashenmores and their cries for help echo all over the city. yet, there is also a danger. a terrible discovery has stirred the ashes of the forgotten worlds and evil forces have been unleashed. with the help of the elite heroes, the chosen guardians of the people of ash, the heroes of the forgotten ones will have to fight for the world’s salvation. the forgotten realm; a forgotten race; a forgotten danger; the forgotten heroes..
the heroes of heroes 3 have been forgotten for centuries. their glory lies upon the altar of the red dragon, protector of ash city. they have chosen the heroes of the forgotten realm: the forgotten ones. five legendary heroes are the guardians of the people of ash. their names are ixi the thunderhead, vara, gloer, touks and kilron. ixi will be their leader.
all have been deprived of their names and immortality, their memory was turned into dust. and the red dragon summoned evil powers to help him. touks, with his spear, pierced the ancient barrier to the forgotten realms, and unleashed chaos. the archdruid gloer has dug up the bones of the dragons ancestors to extract their dangerous spirits. and kilron, the mighty, fought with the red dragon. the power of this evil was far too much for him..
you will discover three other realms; the realm of the necromancer, the realm of a forgotten master and the realm of the dark king. there is a fourth one, with three heroes who fall in this one, the realm of the chosen. you have to find all four realms with five heroes. you will need the advantage of the bard and the wizard with their magical powers, the goliath and his strong blows, the archer with his bow and the axe-swinger.