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HD Online Player (The Concubine Korean Movie 2012 14)

the opposite strategy is to use the authentic materials, but still transfer them into the ancient korean culture and context, or, in some cases, just use the artistic style of the classical art pieces from the original cultural histories. in farewell my concubine, the director chen kaige draws inspiration from the silk painting (at that time, in china, western and eastern artistic styles coexisted, but, in chinese history, silk painting from old time was emerging.) and pieces of costumes and hairstyles. he uses the ancient chinese writing style or classical chinese opera words to express douzi:s jing and teahouse scene. in addition, the director makes use of a seoul address named qingdao and a beijing opera theater named nanjing as the background of the film, which, in turn, inspired some parts of the story.

in contrast to the previous film, the story tells a tale of a woman who is sold to a prince of royal house, and, in fact, the protagonist, margareth, is a woman who is sold to the prince of a royal house, and also the prince is a man who was sold to his father, the empress, for the purpose of political marriage. the protagonist margareth takes the opportunity to revolt against the arrangement she was forced to make, and, like a double agent, she secretly acts as the concubine of the prince, with the hope of running away with him when the time comes. after they begin to live together as one, they gradually fall in love with each other and perform their musical drama. in the meantime, the empress, who is also a male secret agent, has raised several other sons as her own. when the empress learns that her daughter-in-law has an affair with the prince, she removes the princess and the prince from her palace. the princess marries the prince of a different royal house, and a scandal, which starts with this situation, is gradually embroiled into her husband’s life. the empress arranges another marriage between another son of the empress and a female lead, to prevent the affair from being revealed. the princess, however, stands by her husband and refuses to live with him. thus, when both of them are trapped, they act to each other and save each other, and one of them dies. [source: wikipedia ]

apparently, the south korean version of ‘the concubine’ was a runaway success, being the number one show in the national ratings. but now a version has been created for thai viewers, set in the period of the thai king, rama v (1851-1910), who was also something like a kim jong-un and during the dutch east indies’ dominance of the present period. i don’t know whether the thai version’s premise was also inspired by the hollywood mega-blockbuster movie, which by the way was also a massive success, and i can’t even watch that movie because i don’t speak english. for sure, the thai version’s premise is going to be about a poor poor country again (better luck next time), but not this time with some nice costumes and fancy cars this time. it’s about a concubine. is that dumb?
i doubt that the thai viewers will know what to make of this, because in the thai version of ‘the concubine,’ the folk traditional elements are missing. but in any case, my point is there’s no point for the thai viewers to see this because it’s in thai, not in english. so the thai version will probably be very hard for everyone to understand.
the concubine release date 12 december 2014, a french produced korean historical based drama television series directed by kim sun, lee han ji and kim joon kyu, lee hye yoon for aneum pictures to star song ji soo, lee seung gi, jang jin moon, park hae jung, kim min kyung, kim yoon soo, song yu ra, jo kwon and bora kim. it premiered on the 9 december 2014 on mbc every 1 tv channel every monday to friday at 21:00 (kst) replacing immortal chronicles and is available on dana.movistar.es with subtitles in spanish.