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Finding our way to Geruntum Falls is not easy with no information. First we drove past the town of Gopeng. Further on there would be many plantations and small … villages. Their names are written on signs along the road. But there was a signposted turnoff. Another turn and we enter the forest. And immediately it becomes light. The road crosses a river and goes uphill. After a while the road turns into a real trail. Only off-road vehicles can take it from here. There are sections with very steep descents and ascents. In the turns there are signs that warn you that it is very dangerous to go downhill. We go down carefully.

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Watch GT N7100 WIFI.ZIP DOWNLOAD tennis hacker everwo in Best Quality. Only GT N7100 WIFI.ZIP DOWNLOAD tennis hacker everwo HD Quality .We are two girls who went to school together. We thought we’d try and continue to keep in touch! The person who started this was my best friend from school and she left town to become a teacher for a new school. I miss her. This is my way of keeping in touch.


Sunday, August 19, 2011

Last week was the first time in a long while that we hadn’t been out and about with friends. Instead we went to my old home town in Georgia. We went to a family reunion. Many of our family live there in that small town. It’s the place where we were raised. I’m not sure I could be in that town anymore. It’s changed so much. I remember my childhood as a beautiful time. I can still envision it in my mind, as a child, and adults often have a hard time remembering what things were like as a child. My parents were both teachers and moved from town to town. They always had a new home where we lived and were able to say goodbye to most of our friends. I don’t know if it was the pressure of moving, but none of the kids we knew wanted to stay in the town that we moved to. We always knew when the season changed to fall. The leaves would fall off the trees and the weather would change. We had our special’stuff’ that was family heirlooms. There were some things that would make our hearts clench when we moved. This was the time where you would leave home, leaving your friends. It was the time where you would leave your hometown for the first time. It was the beginning of a new adventure. It was the time to leave the town you grew up in and head to the next town, where you would be able to say goodbye to your old friends and leave home for the first time. I always remember how sad we were for those people as we had to leave their home and say goodbye to them. It was strange to watch the people in my town drive away as I watched them wave to us from the window. I always remember watching as the car would