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Gsky Gs27usb Driver Download Windows 7 55

anyways, i am currently trying to get the adapter to work. i have already tried installing the driver recommended by airgeddon. but it seems to be not working. i am using kali with linux 3.8.13-kali3-amd64 kernel.

i am using wap1/wap2/wap 3 in the country. i am in my apartment. i can connect with my tp-link router with other adapters(realtek-rtl8812au, tp-link wn823n(v2 driver: realtek-rtl8192eu)). but not with this adapter. i have tried to restart the system as well as the adapter. but still i have the same problem. i am using kali with linux 3.8.13-kali3-amd64 kernel. i tried to change the driver to rtl8812au-common from rtl8812au but still the same problem. any thoughts?

i have to write this after i bought a new wireless adapter. i have used a new adapter. and i have used a different program to copy over a file. i tried to use the realtek-rtl8192eu driver with the realtek-rtl8812au driver. but the adapter is not working.

for the driver i am using the one associated with the adapter you are using. it is also the same one i used to get rtl88x2bu to work as a driver but since that was working fine, i didn’t need to alter anything. for more info on that driver, try this link.

the first link i followed was this one and it seems to have a patch to fix the issues in older windows 7 and 8. the reason why i am using windows 7 is because that is what virtualbox is giving me and i have been testing the driver in windows 7 only and not in any other os. in case you want to use this driver on windows 10, you will need to follow this link to fix the issues that are in that version of windows.

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