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Gpg Dragon 3.41b Cracked Without A Box

The Dragon Balls also appeared in the manga/anime Dragon Ball: Stay Away From The Dragon! which aired in 2003, before being brought up again by Gohan in Dragon Ball GT, who arrived in Age 796. However, the Dragon Balls of this timeline are seemingly nonexistent. Trunks holds a brief meeting with the Time Patrol, asking if they’ve seen the Dragon Balls and he thinks that they are on Earth somewhere, but is told that the Dragons have never threatened Earth.

As of GT 2012, it’s theorized that the remaining true Dragon Balls (after the ones of this timeline) are in the form of evil artifacts in space. In GT 2013, in Age 796, these evil Dragon Balls are used as tools of immortality by Zarbon who seeks immortality via battle. A warrior of the past would have to collect all seven of them. Zarbon fights Goku in order to make him return for the Dragon Balls. After defeating Zarbon, Goku returns to the future and the seven warrior’s factions make war in order to collect the Dragon Balls. However, Goku and his friends are able to collect them before the factions do so and then defeat them all. Once Goku has the power of the Dragon Balls, he starts up a series of events that leads to the Master Roshi Kai’s creation, Dragon Ball GT, which is a sequel to the original Dragon Ball, though not directly referencing any of the events of the original as there are no true Dragon Balls in the GT timeline.

Since the Dragon Balls appear in so many of the media to date, some fans have theorized that there are two separate timelines. The timelines are connected, with the exception of Dragon Ball GT. A timeline where the Dragon Balls are the true artifacts in space, one where they are real and appear in GT. Both timelines have their Dragon Balls but they have different power levels and characteristics. This leads to many fan theories as to which timelines are correct. Some believe that there was a second timeline that was erased from memory when the timeline of GT was rewritten but was later born out of the writers’ imaginations when they needed to finish a story they already had in mind. The eventual timeline that was born was GT. Other theories include the GT timeline simply being an alternate version of the true timeline. Other fan theories have involved a branched timeline or the events of the original Dragon Ball occurring in other parts of the universe, such as having the timeline of GT branched off from the true timeline or the original timeline occurring in a different universe. Because of this, some fan theories have suggested that we may not know what happened in the original timeline, only that it happened eventually.