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we were all thrilled to learn of the many free psp remakes on the playstation store which we took advantage of at launch. today, we’re looking at another one, as developer namco has finally released an hd remake of classic puzzle adventure game demon’s crest. to celebrate this day of release, we’ve also gotten in touch with someone who was involved with the games development to find out what it’s like to develop for a portable system, and how this has changed over time

question: what was the development background of demon’s crest? i’m interested in knowing the differences between programming for a console and handheld, and whether it’s affected anything over the years.

answer: demon’s crest was developed at the beginning of the psp’s lifespan, and this was long before the much lamented psp hardware issues . from a development point of view, this was a relatively conventional development process (for the time) with the development team responsible for each element of the game. that is to say that programming was developed at 3rd party studio, the art was developed in-house at namco, level design was coded in-house by namco’s own team, and so on. what probably did change somewhat were the qa and debugging processes. the ps3 and psp hardware & sdk are quite different in terms of development hardware, and developing for one is very different to developing for the other. this is maybe a more extreme version of the difference between pc and console development, but the effect on development was similar. it could be said that demon’s crest was developed for psp to the extent possible by the time the games were announced, but the transition to ps3 and to a more pc-like development model was slow and hard. this was a radical change for many of our team, and whilst it proved successful, i remember it being an adjustment period for all of us.[winmac-april2022[macwin-[latest[march2022[updated-2022