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Welcome to Roblox, the free online game and game-creation platform where anyone can create their own game and play with friends. Build immersive 3D games and play with life-like avatars. You can play on Roblox for free, and your creativity is only limited by your imagination.

ROBLOX Corporation is a privately held company based in San Mateo, California, United States. Founded in April 2004 and originally named Project Form for Kids, ROBLOX changed its name in September 2006. The company employs over 350 people.
ROBLOX’s name is derived from the original developer’s pseudonym “Rob L.” in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Roblox Background Information:

Roblox Corporation was founded in April 2004 by John Hanke and David Baszucki as an online network for friends to play together. It was originally created as a website for fun, free-to-play games, and was named Project Form For Kids in 2004. Roblox users were able to build 3D games from the homepage, each with their own unique URL. It hosted thousands of unique 3D games each month. The website allowed two to four players to collaborate in a virtual world. Players used an HTML5-enabled web browser to access the website, as a Flash player was not supported. The website was designed to work without many plugins, as it contained a minimum amount of Flash. Roblox Corporation and its website were backed by a nine-person team and a website hosting company. In September 2006, Roblox changed its name to Roblox Corporation.

Who Uses ROBLOX?

The homepage featured video game software and networking applications. In 2006, Roblox was used by the United States Department of Defense for recruiting purposes. Students had the option to build games in the Rosetta Stone software suite. Roblox was featured in a Discovery Channel documentary called The Minds of a Child.

Roblox Corporation began to use the acronym ROBLOX in 2007. The abbreviation was chosen by David Baszucki, who implemented Roblox Corporation into his paid Web-based service. Roblox originally aimed at boys, with the website launching in the United States in June 2007. Some users of the website were girls. Female users played slightly fewer games than their male counterparts, but more games were made per user.

Roblox Corporation continued to grow its


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