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Developer: Roblox

Provider: Roblox

Publisher: Roblox

Platform: Roblox

Genre: Video game | Simulation | Role-playing

Language: English

Size: 1.2 GB

Downloads: Approximately 1.2 million

Released: October 5, 2006


Users can create and play a wide range of virtual games in their own rooms, where they interact with their own personalized avatar (in some games, users choose to create an avatar of themselves), including a microphone, speaker, and other game controls.

The platform is built on a “sandbox” model which facilitates creativity and player interaction. Along with the game rules available to play, the player can customize and create their own game environment with their own materials.

Some games use the in-game currency, Robux, which can be purchased with real currency on the site. The ability to play these games costs additional money.

Based on the sandbox model, the games are meant to be played in a self-directed environment. Most games are role-playing, action-adventure, or building-survival simulations.

Roblox allows players to customize their virtual world and their avatar.

A feature called “Clubs” allows players to join groups and chat with other players. The platform also features a messaging system called the Room Invite System. Users can send invitations to specific people. After the people accept the invitation, they are then added to a user’s Chat List and invited to join the user’s Room.

Certain games allow for competition among users. These games allow users to invite other players and take on opponents. Other games allow only one player to compete and/or allow both players to compete simultaneously. These games are commonly referred to as multi-player games.

Players can create games for other players to play. These games are known as private games. Players can also share games with friends or members of their Clubs.

Roblox uses a concept called the “XR” layer to render the games in AR or VR.

The platform uses an engine called Roblox Studio. Roblox Studio was developed by Roblox Corporation.


The platform features a programming language called Lua, a data-driven scripting language that the developers of Roblox chose due to its ease of use.

Co-developed with the Unity engine and the


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Lions, tigers and bears
Lions, tigers and bears, come and play!
The world is theirs to take and take
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in the spotlight too!

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Does adding view blocks re-create table (?)

It’s easy for me to build a view over a table that I create, let’s say “phones”. It’s easy to create the view, I can do it by hand. But if I later need to make some changes, I have to remove the view first (by hitting it with ‘delete view’ from SQL Management studio). In this case the changes will appear to be “forgotten”, as no changes were made to my table.
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