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not in list comprehension, how to repeat line for if and elif

I have a list like below
list = [‘A’,’AB’,’A.B’,’BA’,’B.BA’]

list of sublist items in each element is in string format
The whole file is in string format, so I need to find all the unique elements of the sublist items.
so my code is
print([item for sublist in list for item in sublist if item not in unique])

This gives the output:

So here it is printing the line twice.
Now, I am trying to extract unique elements of each sublist in separate list like below.
unique_A = [‘A’,’A.B’]
unique_AB = [‘AB’]
unique_B = [‘BA’,’B.BA’]

I am using for i in unique but my list is in string format so how can I change the code.
Is there any other good way to do it?


You can just add a set for each sublist (for item in sublist) in your list comprehension.
all_unique = [item for sublist in list for item in set(sublist)]

Or if your sublists are read only and you don’t mind doubling the length of your unique list, you can use set.union instead of set(sublist)
all_unique = [item for sublist in list for item in set(sublist).union(set(sublist))]

The output is the same as the one for the list comprehension.

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First Grade

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Second Grade

This group will meet on the second Monday of the month at the same time as the first grade to continue playing hymns