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Gamehouse Mahjong Quest Serial Number

to create a level on the gamehouse website, firstly you need to create a level. you can either create it from scratch or copy a level from another player. you should then name your level and select a theme. you can use the following themes:

  • ancient
  • art
  • beach
  • desert
  • forest
  • garden
  • jungle
  • ocean
  • space
  • jungle
  • desert
  • forest
  • sea
  • special
  • tiles
  • water
  • equestrian

once you have completed the creation of your level, you can download it and play it in your browser. you can also add your own levels to the gamehouse website, so if you dont find a level you like, you can create it yourself.

the eighth chapter in the award-winning jewel quest series is here!

the famous jewel adventurers, rupert and emma are back and on an adventure unlike any you have ever seen before!

after receiving an urgent mysterious message from their old friend hani: jewel boards in danger., the duo must work together to save the jewel boards and get hani to safety. but can they do both will they have to choose between the treasured jewel boards and their friend and who is putting everyone in danger find out in jewel quest: 8 energies!

dive into this exciting adventure by matching 3+ jewels as fast as you can. jewel quest: eight energies stays true to its roots – giving longtime jewel quest fans a pure jewel matching experience while delighting new players with jewel swapping tricks unique to this beloved series of games. exciting new elements include new jewels to match, new tools and power-ups as well as a never-before seen collapse-style mode!

with over 200 gameplay levels, this game give you days of jewel-matching fun!

other cool features:
– hundreds of levels of gem-matching fun
– new tools! match 4 jewels to create a ship wheel, then flick it anywhere you want it to go to eliminate even more jewels!
– existing tools got that much better! use the midas touch tool to turn any tile gold!
– expert levels await you! complete all regular levels to unlock!
– 14 stunning environments, each with its unique gameplay style.

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