The release of Kao da sam u mojim novac (Like If I Were My Money) was advertised in January 2017. The twenty-track album featured new interpretations of existing Galija hits. It was recorded in Montenegro, and it was produced by numerous guest musicians. At the end of March, the band held a massive rock festival in Budva. The festival featured 35 bands and artists, including the bands Galija, Jedan Putnik, Paletir, Zadruga, Rebeli Plak, Opa ‘n’ Re, and DoD. The festival had two stages – one for more up-and-coming bands and the other for established.

The next record, the soundtrack for the film entitled Dubrovački Zvon, was released in 1990. Lyrics were by Kanjevac and songs were written by Milosavljevi. The album was recorded in 1991. Goran Epsa also sang on several songs. The album was produced by the voice of the famous Soviet animated film Boltin on Janata and Petar Janjatović. The songs “Nemam ni sunca ni vjetra” and “Laži” were written by Mika. With one more album, Galija reached new heights of popularity. The title of the new album was once again Korak do slobode, and it was recorded in 1992. The lyrics of the songs were written by Radoman Kanjevac, and the songs were also composed by Milosavljevi. The album, recorded in Studio Zagreb, included the hits “Na trodižljini”, “Lijepa lutka” and “Kuća u vrataru”.

In 1996, Galija released their last album, which showed the maturity of the band. Radoman Kanjevac and Miki wrote the lyrics, while the songs were composed by Nenad Milosavljevi and Predrag Milanovi. The album also featured the new members: Bojan Vukojević on guitars and Marko Kostic on bass. The album included the hits “Ako nisi ljubav” (If You’re Not Love) and “Pritom sam lažan” (I’m a Liar). The album also showed the maturity of the band, and the sound was moving towards Hard Rock -oriented sounds.

In May 2016, during the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Galija, the band released a special edition of the album Uroši li se (The Flame Loves). Only 5,000 copies of the album were produced. The album was released on CD and on vinyl (with 6 bonus tracks recorded in Ni, “an old vocal track” and an “un-named and un-released song”). The concert marking the album release was held in Belgrade’s Čika Jelo on October 27, 2016. The concert featured the former members of Galija as guests, together with Vlado Georgiev, and the band’s bass guitarist Gordon Rowley.
Following their appearance on public TV show Za kralja moje, Galija were invited to perform at the official concert of the Autumn Festival in Ni on October 16, 1979. Galija had no bassist at the time, so at the audience’s request, Šestan played bass guitar.
On November 8, 1979, a group of Galija fans, known as ‘Studentski pijesak’ formed an unofficial fan club. Galija had previously appeared on the show Studentski pijesak and organised concerts for the club. The biggest Galija concert organized for the club took place on May 16, 1980 in the town of Kragujevac and was attended by some 7,000 students. The concert led to the creation of the first (unofficial) Galija fan clubs in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Ni.
In 1985, President of the National Assembly of Yugoslavia Mirko Jozić invited Galija to perform at the opening concert of the Yugoslavia-China Friendship Festival in Ni. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Yugoslav Army, the band also performed the song Na gostinama (On the Guest, at the Military Academy in Ni, September 8, 1985).