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Full Episode Bakugan Terbaru Sub Indo

main article: naruto shippūden episode 24: the fight to break the barrier. naruto shippūden episode 24 “the fight to break the barrier” naruto shippūden episode 24 is the 24th episode of the anime series. it is a part of the naruto shippūden series, and based on the original naruto manga series’ twenty-fourth chapter. the episode first aired in japan on april 2, 2013. (source:wikipedia)

this is the list of episodes of bakugan battle brawlers: new vestroia that have been broadcast on cartoon network in the indonesia region in 2015. the information is arranged by episode number. episodes that have yet to be broadcast in the region are included in bold. this is a list of episodes from the bakugan battle brawlers: new vestroia anime series. the bakugan battle brawlers: new vestroia (白竜パートナー, bōryū pairanā) anime is created by nelvana, and is based on the anime series bakugan battle brawlers. the anime was first announced on september 6, 2011 during a bakugan battle brawlers: new vestroia panel at the nelvana fan festival in toronto. it premiered on cartoon network in canada on september 2, 2011, and in the united states on september 5, 2011. the anime was first announced for an english-speaking release on the “toonami block” of cartoon network’s programming block in the united states on november 7, 2011. the anime was later released on dvd in australia on december 22, 2011, and on dvd in the united kingdom on january 11, 2012.

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it is revealed that hanz was actually working as a double agent for a covert organization called the amanoga, who are motivated by jealousy of akatsuki. once they learn about naruto’s jinchuriki powers, they intend to capture him for the kazekage.
while hanz and his forces are trying to locate naruto, the meeting between tsunade and the kazekage ends. hanz’s team attacks the kazekage’s group and hanz quickly defeats the kazekage before he can warn tsunade or naruto. [57] hanz threatens the kazekage, but he still protects tsunade from the poisonous jinchuriki and orders his forces to release her. with her life now in danger, the kazekage asks tsunade to take her team and leave konoha.
tsunade takes the kazekage, suna, jiraiya, and kakashi back to her own village with directions to leave it alone. leaving konoha, suna is sent on her mission to find naruto and akatsuki. meanwhile, sakura is summoned back to konoha to defend konoha against the impending akatsuki attack. with the konoha ninja, suna, and kakashi assembled, tsunade instructs them on how to defeat the akatsuki and make certain they don’t survive to pursue the sasuke and sasori. they train and sakura heals tsunade’s wounds from the battle with hanz and the kazekage.
sakura is allowed to participate in the attacks on akatsuki and the distraction as she attempts to find naruto, sasuke, and sasori. she is assigned to attack a plane transporting naruto and sasuke to a safe place. with her first attempt to send her copy of sasuke off the plane failed, sakura deduces that the plane must have some sort of special jinchuriki field in it.