[FSX] Shockwave 3D Lights Redux (Installer) [PATCHED] Free

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[FSX] Shockwave 3D Lights Redux (Installer) Free

mike,sorry i missed your original post. i was away for a month.there is an online resource called “flexagenda” that is not very many but you could download all of their effects models. i have owned all of their models since 1997 and have used them all. unless you can search the site for them and purchase them yourself they are pricey. but if you are willing to pay you can get a huge collection of models that are used by many of the actual companies that produce them.

a~dream,have you checked thoroughly at their support forum they have a huge library of user-made configs: remember though you will not have proper strobe lights on the wingtips. they are built into the model and there is a visible wingflex.so you will get them showing properly either on the ground or when airborne. not both.

in fact, the “legend” says it cannot be added on, but i do not know why is that. i can install the plugin, but when i open the model, i find only one cell. if i try to edit it (with the right mouse on the cell, click “edit”), the dialog box does not go away. could you please let me know if you can install, or not? thanks.


type 8 does not work. there is no visible wingflex but there is a wingtip signal that emits a series of orange lights along the fuselage. trying to change the file for the beacons does not work (the lights are not changed). type 0 works but the signal is not the same as on the model: different colors and a brighter light. what can i do?


hello, posky b42m v4//types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=taxi, 5=landing, 6=cockpit, 7=logolight.0 =1, -35.100, 0.600, 19.100, fx_shockwave_beaconh_l,light.1 =1, -35.100, fx_shockwave_strobe_3_nl,light.2 =3, -35.000, 19.100, fx_shockwave_navyellow, //fx light light.3 =3, -219.700, 0.250, 12.300, fx_shockwave_navyellow, //fx light light.4 =2, -35.000, 11.

[Steam] A2A Simulations Shockwave (Sims) 3D Lights Redux
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[FSX] A2A Simulations/Shockwave-3D Lights Redux – v1.2a, 1.1.2
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[FSX] FS2004 FSX, FSX Steam Edition, FS9 – Shockwave 3d Lights Redux (Sims) 3D Lights 1.1.2
Forget about EuroCaribbeanShocks, it is more frustrating than helpful and does not work very well. This mod, however, creates l.
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[FSX] A2A Simulations/Shockwave-3D Lights Redux (installer)
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The latest Shockwave for FSX is v1.9.1.0. [FSX-SE] Shockwave 3D Lights Redux. This means, FSX is free and the 3D .
Shockwave 3d lights redux – 3D lights for FSX – steam sb9s
Shockwave 3d lights redux – 3D lights for FSX – steam sb9s
Shockwave 3d lights redux – 3D lights for FSX – steam sb9sDeveloper information


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