The game is set in a large virtual city that utilizes an open world construction model. The town is populated by a diverse array of characters, known as “Builders”.
With the Robux that players accumulate through gameplay, players can purchase virtual items to customize their Builders’ appearance, and expand their city with various structures. Robux can also be used as a currency to enhance the player’s experience and capabilities.
Players are able to “drop” their own items into the game, either through a “program” tool in the game or through a separate program which is also available for download, similar to the concept of Minecraft’s Survival mode. This is known as a “Creator Portal”, and is enabled by default for players that create their own games on the Roblox platform.
The game consists of several basic building blocks, such as blocks of land that can be transformed into structures, fences, doors, and the like. These items can be combined in various ways, to create items and buildings of various forms.
Builders are player characters that are represented by dolls with different appearances. Players are able to customize their appearance, with a number of pre-drawn skin colors, and upload their own custom images to be used as their skins, similar to a freemium game. Each of these items, including their appearance, are consumed Robux to purchase them.
For the first two years of the game’s existence, the program was limited to programming simple commands, under the name “Text Adventure”. However, starting with version 2.0, Roblox’s platform was redeveloped, becoming a full-fledged programming environment.
The potential of the platform was recognized by a group of investors, and Roblox was incorporated in 2010. The first official release of a Roblox game was Hot Date, released on October 15, 2009.
When the game starts, players begin with only a dirt block and a wooden stake.
The player is able to set their own online ID, that must be unique. This name can be changed at any time, but previous ID’s are not deleted and can be retrieved through the program. However, third-party applications are not allowed to save or duplicate a player’s account data, unless the player has given permission.[7]
The game can be saved and played “offline” in the same way that most casual mobile games are played. However, Roblox can be streamed through the Stadia gaming platform.
Since the beginning of the game, it


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