Roblox (short for Robust Alternate Reality Online Game) is an online virtual world and video game platform. Users can create their own games and play other user-created games. Users may join other users in their games. The games are written in the Lua programming language.
The platform’s first game was created in 2006. Its current user base is primarily composed of children and teenagers. Roblox maintains an active development team, and an operating budget of $27 million.[2] Roblox, like Minecraft, was created by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in the basement of David’s house in Teaneck, New Jersey.[3]
The Roblox platform is a game creation and game-playing platform. Users create their own games using proprietary programming language Lua. These games can be played within a web browser or within a dedicated game application installed on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. In December 2008, Roblox’s largest game was created, Minecraft. When released on December 24, 2009, it was the third most-played video game.[4] Minecraft was the first commercial application developed for Roblox.[4] In 2016, it was the most played game on Roblox,[3] and by August 2018, it still had over one million daily active users.[5]
On May 4, 2017, Roblox was acquired by the leading global enterprise software company, Autodesk for $404 million.[6]
The platform was initially targeted towards children and was free to play.[7] Later, Roblox began to turn its attention towards a wider audience, which included its parent company of “adults”.[8] Roblox now allows users to pay Robux to advance in the game by completing tasks, for example, by achieving a given level or completing certain tasks. Robux are often bought with real-world money. Some Roblox games allow the user to either win Robux by accomplishing tasks, or earn Robux through gameplay. Roblox also allows users to make money from the Robux earned by their users.
In July 2017, Roblox CEO David Baszucki said that with their acquisition by Autodesk, they intended to shift their primary focus to professional 3D game creation and development. Professional developers are able to access the same tools they are using to create their games, which allow them to access the same functionality as users, without the need to give away their games.[9]


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Oculus founder and CEO Brendan Iribe just gave a rare interview to TechCrunch where he revealed the company’s vision and strategy.
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Now that Facebook has released its Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset, the company has gained interest, not just in the tech community, but among creators of other devices. Few people report seeing anything like it. But while Oculus is indeed a bold experiment, does it have the skills to make one of the tech world’s hottest gadgets?
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I’ve written about VR for years, and have seen countless startups get focused and then flame out; in many ways, the Oculus Rift is the nearest any of us will get to being able to create a complete new world.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve spent more than a little time with a HTC Vive, and while I was eager to try the Rift on a friends recommendation, I was mostly just interested in the promise of it as a project.
For the first time, developers are talking about their experiences in making a virtual reality game for a headset. They might not have any specific plans, but we’re seeing creativity in there more than ever.
VR has stumbled and stalled before, but this time it could really become uniquely valuable – if it delivers on its promise.
If I could reasonably ask Facebook to just fund one new company for the next five years, and I’d make this choice right now, it’d be Oculus.
Written By:Jon Schwartz
Date Created: Friday, August 11, 2015
Date Modified: Friday, August 11, 2015
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published:18 Aug 2015


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About Roblox

There are a lot of things you can do on the Roblox platform. The entire thing seems like one big playground to you and your friends. That’s where you can play new games, help your friends play games, chat with them, and just have a lot of fun. You can choose between a variety of games to play. These games can be about action, games, fashion, construction, puzzles, so on and so forth. These are all games that you can download for the Roblox platform.

Roblox is a lot of fun because of the various games that you can play. You also have an opportunity to chat with your friends and do all sorts of things. You can even join groups where you can find special users to play games with.

Types of Roblox Accounts

You can register to play Roblox games on your computer or tablet. You can also play on a smartphone. You can get the game app on your smartphone or tablet. Another option is to download the RoboRio Android app or the RoboRio iOS app.

Roblox members that are still on the platform, make use of the premium membership. This subscription gives you access to things like the website, the games, the chat, and the Minecraft server. You can also play in games that are not available to all members. This is a benefit of becoming a premium member.

The third option is the vanity URL. You can make your own personal domain where people can access your Roblox account. You can also make your own profile and play all of the Roblox games that you want. This is a popular option for some members to set up on the Roblox platform.

You can also make your own private server. This is another option that is popular with members. This would allow you to host and play games on your own personal computer. These servers are some of the best options available on the Roblox platform.

How To Play Roblox

If you have not yet registered for a Roblox account, there are plenty of ways to play Roblox. You can simply register using a Google Account or a Facebook account. You can also create a Roblox login using an email address. If you do not have one of those, you can simply register for a Roblox account using a Robux code.

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You can play with mods included too if you wish, you can see that in the README file that was in the 7zip file. Mods that were included can be used in the game, but then again some of those mods are things that you won’t see in game anyway and will probably not affect the game in anyway. The site is not necessarily endorsed by Roblox, as I am making an honest attempt to give a player without support a version that doesn’t have the same junk.

To run the game, you must have it installed before, with the program that should be in the GooglePlay store. This is the first thing you should have done. Get that from the app store, it’s free of charge, then open it and navigate to where the installed APK is on your phone or tablet. Run the launcher, click on the APK and you’re all set. The launcher will do all the hard work of installing, patching and running the game.

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