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tifa meets cloud and his comrades as they travel towards cloud’s home to help him get ready to go on a long journey in final fantasy vii remake. tifa is surprised that cloud has been living in nibelheim for over a decade. she informs the group of her findings of avalanche being taken over by shinra, but is uncertain what to do. as cloud prepares for a journey, tifa tells him of her concern of a ghost that haunts them. [11] before their leave, cloud warns them of the ghosts and the danger of hell. tifa promises they will be careful and return to sector 7 soon. before returning home, cloud gives tifa a pair of knuckles he made for her, along with a letter of appreciation for serving her husband. [12] returning home, tifa tells aerith and others that cloud has left to search for the key to the mystery surrounding the sector 7 pillar. she tells them of the letter he gave her, and that he will return to sector 7 after cloud starts his journey to the top in final fantasy vii remake.

the game’s scenario writer, yoshinori kitase, said that he imagined tifa as a character more suited to action games and shooters as opposed to romances, and that the tifa character is also more feminine than the male protagonist. he decided on the action-adventure genre because it was suited to showing off tifa’s personality. [121] the game’s director, yoshinori kitase, said that he felt that was her character from the very beginning. according to him, cloud is similar to tifa in that he is looking for something, and that the two of them combine their courage and charisma to find it. [122] kitase felt that, when creating cloud, he wanted to make him easy to relate to and that the only way to make him more natural was to make his style similar to tifa’s. he had also wanted to create an action-adventure game that could be enjoyed by all ages, as children like action-adventure games and young people and adults like dating and romance. the character designs, drawing, and proportions of tifa were also inspired by and similar to those of milla jovovich, who he had considered for the role of tifa. [123]

the group of seven met with three nibelheim residents who were on a guided tour of the slums. as they were conversing, cloud approached wymer, a shopkeeper who lived and worked in the slums, and asked whether he was aware of anything suspicious about avalanche’s actions in the city. [10] he reported that avalanche’s mysterious leader, mako, was working for shinra, with whom avalanche was in contact for “special” favors. he also believed that mako would bring more trouble to the slums. [86] [47] [48] wymer explained that there was not much he could do as the shop is only lightly protected. he expressed interest in using his shop as cloud’s base of operations. [87]
tifa met cloud and barret at the entrance to the slum, where they volunteered to help out the residents, protect them from monsters, and later deal with sc. [10] [note 7] [note 7] beforehand, tifa contacted cloud, telling him about wymer’s report on avalanche’s involvement with shinra. [86] [86] [86] [86] [86] [86] [86] [80]