Fm 2016 Crack Fake Names Fixer

The real name sortitoutsi fix changes instances of fake names in Football Manager 2022 to the correct, real names for awards, cities, stadiums and… Everything else stays the same
Edit: I know this is not an answer, but I thought it might help someone in the future.
This will only work if you choose a match with a very high number of stars at the end, like over 100 or so.
If you only have 1-2 stars, you can spoil the match.
This may not be the case in real life, as many of these stars and their awards may be fictional.
I think it will work more in the next seasons.
Not sure.

FM Radio. 11. OK/Menu button (scroll up and down). 12. Back button / phone book. 13. Right button/context menu. 14. End call/power button (hold 5 seconds until …). 15. Play/Pause button. 16. Hang up button (hold for 5 seconds until …). 17. Dictaphone button (hold 5 seconds until …). 18. Button to move the call to the next / previous contact (hold 5 seconds until …). 19. Button to move the call to the menu (hold for 5 seconds until …). 20. Camera/record button. 21. Volume button. 22. Call / menu button. 23. Confirmation button. 24. Call cancel button. 25. Left camera button (hold 5 seconds until …). 26.