Far Cry 2 Save Editor Pc Download

this is a good opportunity for new players to start to design. as a novice i must say the first map wasnt that bad i mean i do think its ok. the editor is very basic but again you can get something out of it. this is all you get no height map no models no light bulbs no anything. anything you do will be transparent.

i plan on purchasing the return of the republic and using the editor on that map. i dont have any experience with the editor at all. so this is kind of a learning experience for me. and even though the more advanced features of this editor arent really available, i still think this is a great way for newbies to get into editing. i wouldnt suggest this for people who have played games like this in the past. it is just way to easy to make mistakes.

i guess that means that the other faction is a dead end and you should just focus on the ufll. if you are hesistant to just get into the ufll just because you are afraid of missing out on the apr story, then thats pretty lame. ufll is still pretty easy to do. most of the best parts are still made with the editor. and if you really want to play a campaign again and learn how to do all the things you are afraid of in the editor, then you can use the apr editor too.

i think this is a good idea for newbies to get in to. its simple to use and has many great features. it really increases the amount of players in to this game. ive not played any far cry games before but i know far cry 2 was easy. it will take some time to learn but once you have it down you should really enjoy it.

i think the support for the editor could be a lot better. i dont think they have many people working on the website. so you dont have to look up your questions on an online forums. i think they should be in the forum itself.

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