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ExHtmlEditor is a beginner-oriented HTML editor that helps you create beautiful websites in no time.
What is ExHtmlEditor?
ExHtmlEditor is primarily designed for the people who want to design their own websites and learn HTML and CSS at the same time. With its interface and features, this application lets web designers and programmers build web pages without spending a lot of time.
-> HTML Editor: Fully featured HTML editor that allows you to write HTML, HTML style, and HTML style attributes.
-> CSS Editor: A powerful CSS editor that allows you to write CSS, as well as to preview and view the results.
-> Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome Previewers: It lets you choose the browser that you want to preview and edit.
-> Syntax Highlighting: Supports syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and many other code languages.
-> Text Wrapping: The text in HTML will automatically wrap to the next line or column after the user adds any line of text.
-> Tables: Table generator and table viewer.
-> File Explorer: View all files and folders in the system.
-> Backup and Restore: Allows you to backup and restore your HTML and CSS to and from a USB flash drive.
-> ExHtmlEditor Languages: It comes with preset HTML, HTML style, and HTML style attributes.
-> Unlimited Undo/Redo: Can reverse and redo any changes in your HTML and CSS without losing any text.
-> Supports A-Z Alphabet: Supports many letters, numbers, symbols, and words.
-> Screen Capture: Can capture the screen’s HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
-> Theme System: You can easily change the style of your HTML and CSS based on the theme you choose.
-> Custom CSS Menu: It allows you to create custom menus for your HTML and CSS.
-> Help Panel: Includes easy-to-read information for beginners and advanced users.
-> Customizable Toolbar: You can add any HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and CSS style elements to the toolbar.
1. Copy the ExHtmlEditor.exe file into a folder on the target computer’s hard drive.
2. Go to the folder where you have the application and double-click on the executable file.
3. Launch the application and then close it after the installation is done.
If you have any questions, please leave a comment below!Green Fund U.S.

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Main functionality:
• Evaluation of code strings
• Syntax highlighting
• Auto-completion
• HTML table creation
• Online help
• Search
• Undo/redo
• Current tab navigation
• Chrome mode
• IE mode
• Full/partial document previewing
• Code snippets
• Code snippet/paste
• Full-screen mode
• Tool bar
• Code highlighting
• Templates support
• HTML string export
• CSS highlighting
• Selector highlighting
• Data structures highlighting
• Variables highlighting
• Inline style references
• CSS animation
• Selector exclusion
• View status bar
• Auto-update
• Time / CPU profiling
• Code snippets export
• Paste HTML/CSS snippets
• Export HTML/CSS
• Customizable keyboard shortcuts
• HTML/CSS snippet export
• Formatted/unformatted code export
• Customizable interface
• Context-sensitive help
• Code snippet synchronization
• Customizable color themes
• Full compatibility with Microsoft Visual Studio
• Parse HTML/CSS syntax
• Parse HTML/CSS blocks
• Parse HTML/CSS keywords
• Parse CSS blocks
• Parse CSS keywords
• Parse CSS styles
• Parse CSS classes
• Parse CSS/HTML attributes
• Parse HTML attributes
• Parse HTML/CSS media
• Parse HTML/CSS selectors
• Parse HTML/CSS comments
• Parse HTML/CSS statements
• Parse HTML/CSS expressions
• Parse HTML/CSS attributes
• Parse HTML/CSS conditionals
• Parse HTML/CSS functions
• Parse HTML/CSS variables
• Parse HTML/CSS properties
• Parse HTML/CSS JavaScript
• Parse HTML/CSS selectors
• Parse HTML/CSS comments
• Parse HTML/CSS statements
• Parse HTML/CSS expressions
• Parse HTML/CSS attributes
• Parse HTML/CSS conditionals
• Parse HTML/CSS functions
• Parse HTML/CSS variables
• Parse HTML/CSS JavaScript
• Parse HTML/CSS getters and setters
• Parse HTML/CSS scriptlets
• Parse HTML/CSS selectors
• Parse HTML/CSS comments
• Parse HTML/CSS statements


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ExHtmlEditor is mainly geared toward web design enthusiasts who have just started to learn how to code and put together a website. It features a “what you see is what you get” HTML editor and does not require installation, which means it’s portable.

Portability advantages

The program files can be saved to any part of the hard disk in order to run ExHtmlEditor, as well as moved to a USB flash disk and immediately run on any computer, provided that it has.NET Framework installed.

The upside of portable apps is that they do not modify Windows registry settings or (usually) create additional files on the disk without the user’s consent, leaving no traces behind after removing them.

Clear-cut interface and options

The main frame is split into two main areas for writing code and previewing the ongoing design, respectively. This vertical split view can be exchanged for horizontal split mode. An HTML sample is provided to help users get started.

Syntax highlighting and auto-completion

Syntax highlighting is supported, making it easier for users to tell keywords apart and spot any mistakes. ExHtmlEditor also provides a search function that highlights the syntax’s first occurrence in the code in real time, along with the traditional and practical undo and redo buttons for retracing steps.

What’s more, the program features auto-completion for HTML keywords (which can be disabled), a text wrapping mode, Chromium and Internet Explorer rendering modes, together with a code example for CSS menus and tables.

Evaluation and conclusion

The tool is very light when it comes to CPU and RAM, so it does not affect the PC’s overall performance. There were no issues in our testing, since ExHtmlEditor did not hang, crash or pop up error dialogs.

Too bad it does not provide additional code samples along with preset HTML and CSS tags which would have significantly helped users learn coding faster. Nevertheless, the program offers a user-friendly workspace and simple-to-understand options for learning HTML and CSS.Tag Archives: things

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What’s New in the?

Powerful, yet easy-to-use HTML editor that allows you to customize, preview, and save web pages.
Powerful, yet easy-to-use HTML editor that allows you to customize, preview, and save web pages.
Find all of your HTML files. Manage your pages with drag-and-drop. View pages or open files from any browser.
Relax, you don't need to install anything to use ExHtmlEditor, just download the exhtmleditor.exe file and run it directly from the hard drive. The built-in editor allows you to write HTML from scratch, preview your work in almost any browser, and see the results instantly.
Preview what you're doing and make small changes without the bother of opening another window. Or keep your browser window open and keep on writing. You decide how to work.
Remove unwanted or unused tags or save the current file as a file or XHTML document. You can also open your HTML files using just Explorer, make comments, highlight sections and tables, and apply HTML, CSS, or JavaScript code samples.
Fine-tune and convert your HTML into PDF, DOC, XLS, or HTML files.
Control the editor settings with easy-to-use customization options.
Save and restore your settings to a file, making the tool portable.
Can run without installation.
What's more, the program provides a customizable icon, an excellent help section, and an online manual.

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System Requirements For ExHtmlEditor:

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