ECMerge Standard is a sophisticated software that enables users to compare and merge various documents, images and folders, regardless of whether they are local items or saved on an FTP.
Compare different versions of a document
The application enables users to put compare various files side-by-side. It can highlight any differences, making it useful for different tasks. Text documents can be compared or merged saving editors time. Programmers can check syntax and combine various versions of code. There are numerous possibilities which can be exploited.
With the help of this utility, users can easily create reports in XML and HTML format for the comparison of their text documents, images, and folders. It can also be used to produce CSV reports.
A wizard-like application that helps you set up new comparisons
All documents handled by this application can be edited in a separate field, allowing users to add data or make corrections. The program keeps track of all changes, meaning there is an unlimited number of undoing or redoing. It is a useful feature, especially for documents with large amounts of data.
The software is quick to respond as it loads files instantaneously. It provides support for multi-connection FTP, FTPS, and SFTP, and SCC comparisons, as well as with syntax coloring, a crucial tool for developers.
A fast working program and support for command lines
Experienced users can work with command lines, which means the application can be launched and operated via prompts. This feature can be used to batch process documents.
In conclusion, ECMerge Standard is a complex file and folder comparison tool that offers users the possibility automatically merge various types of documents, images or folders. It provides reliable features that can easily find their way into the hands of beginners and experts alike. The software is purchasable, but it offers good value for money.







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Nowadays, the Internet has enabled millions of people to work across the globe. Due to this phenomenon, people have been exposed to modern technologies such as international companies, work from home, outsourcing and business travel. These things have helped companies generate revenue and this was inevitable. If we wanted to increase the sum of profit, we have to use the latest technology to streamline operations and productivity of individuals.
ECMerge Standard is a unique software that has been developed to help users merge various documents, images and folders. It works like a word processor and can process hundreds of thousands of files simultaneously. The comparisons are fast and the program can identify the differences between the files. Once identified, users can simply add, delete, move, copy or rename the matched files. There are a few tools such as ECMerge Standard that can quickly process and compare various types of documents and images. In this article, we will learn about the most notable features that ECMerge Standard has to offer.
What Can ECMerge Standard Do?
ECMerge Standard can open various file types such as graphics, images, office documents and many more. You can even open the e-books, access your office documents from remote servers such as FTP, FTPS, SFTP and SCC. The application also offers platform independent features which can be operated on various devices such as smartphones and tablets. In addition, ECMerge Standard can work simultaneously on multiple files by default. Furthermore, the application can be operated via command lines.
Detecting Differences
The ECMerge Standard tool can detect the differences between the two files and help you quickly find the key differences. The features that stand out include highlighting the differences as text, images or both. You can open documents from a different format and view the differences. There is no need to download the files as the tool can identify any document directly with ease. You can view them side by side and use the information for various purposes. This included, but is not limited to, making decisions for file management, projects or virtualization purposes.
ECMerge Standard Merges Documents
The ECMerge Standard program can also be used to merge two or more documents in one go. If users are using a single document, ECMerge Standard can automatically merge them and save the changes in the current version. You will then be able to see the same changes in the other document, which means you can create and edit reports and visualizations without having to edit the file itself.
What Are Its Unique Features

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ECMerge is an application to compare and merge files, images, and folders.
Version 2.3.4 Build 278 (08/04/2010) is a new version that has been released on 08 April 2010.
Two new features: 1- the ability to open folders in a new tab if you select a folder to compare, and 2- the ability to password protect the application and automatically remember the password and not require you to enter it each time.
Three bug fixes.
The following is the list of changes that have been made.
New features:
— The ability to open a folder in a new tab is added.
— The ability to enter a password to use the application is added.
— The application automatically remembers the password and not require it to each time.
Bug fixes:
— An issue that the “merge” feature sometimes does not work is fixed.
— An issue that you cannot close a “merge” tab is fixed.
For the instructions, please see the readme file included in the zip file.
— If you would like the full version of this program, please go to “” and download.

ECMerge Standard Version:
Version 2.4.0 Build 472 (09/26/2010) is a new version that has been released on 08 November 2010.
One hundred and twenty bugs have been fixed.
— The following is the list of changes that have been made.
— The ability to highlight the differences with the navigation bar has been added.
— The ability to highlight the differences using a regular expression has been added.
— The “Folders” tab has been renamed to “Properties”.
— The “Values” tab has been renamed to “Properties”.
— The “Values” tab has been renamed to “Properties”.
— The “Search” tab has been renamed to “Properties”.
— The “Search” tab has been renamed to “Properties”.
— The “Compute” tab has been renamed to “Properties”.
— The “Search” tab has been renamed to “Properties”.
— The “Search” tab has been renamed to “Properties”.
— The “Properties” tab has been renamed to “Properties”.
— The “Properties” tab has been renamed to “Properties”.
— The “Properties”

What’s New In ECMerge Standard?

ECMerge Standard is a simple and reliable program that allows users to compare and merge various files and folders, regardless of whether they are local items or saved on a remote FTP site.

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