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the death note is a supernatural notebook that allows the user to kill anyone whose name they write down. its also a curse, because whoever opens it will die. its written in the names of the victims, which can be up to five. the first, and most powerful, user of the death note is l, who also writes down the names. she uses the death note to murder criminals to teach the police to apprehend the ones who have committed the crime. she also makes a few enemies, which are listed in a “black notebook”. l then gives the death note to her friend misa amane. however, l does not think that misa can keep the death note a secret, and so she also writes down the names in her black notebook. the death note is then used by a family named ryuk, who are supposed to be the shinigami, and are the ones who supervise all shinigami deaths.

two heroes, l and misa, try to stop the ryuk and his team from killing all the humans, but they are stopped and their names are written in a “white notebook”. because of this, l and misa are immediately killed by ryuk. ryuk then tells a shadowy man about the death note, and he becomes obsessed with finding it. eventually, he finds it and begins carrying it around.

misa is now with her father, who’s a writer and is interested in this notebook. he writes down all the names in the black notebook, and he’s killed by the ryuk. he’s now the last person to open the notebook. the ryuk team is now ordered to kill him. while this is going on, l and her partner kenji, a japanese cop, are also trying to stop ryuk. kenji is killed, and ryuk leaves a message. he tells l that he wants her to understand what the death note is, and that she will become the next yagami if she keeps on using it.

so why was light blind to this for the first three episodes. his morality is based on his own religion. if this religion is based on good and light, then even when light demonstrated to himself just how evil death note could be, it wouldnt matter to him. he thinks that he can follow this religion based on morality alone. he just forgets that religion should be combined with good, because theres no such thing as an evil, good person. according to his own religion, there’s no such thing as evil, so no such thing as people who deserve to die. its evil to kill people by writing a ‘good’ name with your pencil on a piece of paper.
in fact, light is the one who proves ls point by unintentionally killing the killer in the end. because of his religion. now, there is the problem with humans. humans are incredibly selfish and generally immoral. in fact, theres no way light would have stopped at one hundred because, well, he could. not that i wouldnt have, but i wouldnt have liked that. but a human could easily keep that number going. not l. this is the most distressing and disturbing part of the show to me. and that is what it brought me to tears. you know, hes making a death wish of himself by learning of the power of death note and what it can do. but doesnt he know that its just a device? can someone really control such a device?
theres also another point that i wanted to address. i dont know if you guys have a religious background, so i wont name those too much but basically, theres a certain’sense of obligation’ to others. for example, you dont have to help your neighbors. you dont have to smile at the girl at the bus stop. but you do these things, because its the right thing to do. we have this obligation to others that is ingrained in us from the moment we begin learning about the world. in fact, we dont have the option to not do these things. its basically ingrained into us by our religious teachings. its been that way since jesus was on the cross. its god that gave us these morals and he knows whats best for us. if he didnt, there wouldnt be any rules.