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The Government of Canada made the announcement today, saying in a press release it will increase funding to its intelligence agencies to address the threat of terrorism, which it says could be devastating, especially in northern parts of the country.

“Terrorist threats in Canada have become more dangerous in recent years. The Government of Canada will significantly increase funding to its intelligence agencies,” says the press release.

“We have been advised of multiple credible and serious threats from terrorist organizations in Canada. The Government of Canada will apply the same strong measures to counter that threat that it has undertaken to date,” says the statement.

The measures include increases in spending on cybersecurity, and “the full spectrum of government agencies” will work together, “from police and Border Security to intelligence and defence agencies.”

“This is not a warning, this is a stark reality,” says the statement.

In addition to the measures, it’s been reported that Canada has ramped up its air surveillance.

“The Government of Canada is taking all necessary steps to protect Canadians, including scaling up our air surveillance capabilities,” says the statement.

The Government of Canada says it’s been a “major advocate” of tracking and monitoring the communications of citizens.

“The Government of Canada, through this, will continue to modernize our laws and capabilities to address these evolving threats, including by enacting new laws such as the enactment of C-51, the new Anti-Terrorism Act,” says the statement.

“It’s important to note that the Government of Canada has been an important partner in the international anti-terror fight in a variety of ways, including the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL,” says the statement.

Funding will be increased for the RCMP, CSIS, and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) “to enable intelligence agencies to better protect Canadians.”

There was a special meeting of the House of Commons Security Committee on Tuesday to discuss the ongoing ISIS threat in Canada.Synthesis,

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Although socioeconomically advantaged women benefit from the availability of high-quality primary maternity care services and the benefits of good health on day-to-day quality of life,[@R26] this study found that low and very low-income women were also more satisfied with and less dissatisfied with the availability of help at the end of pregnancy. However, high-income women scored lower on the scale of need for continuity of care in pregnancy than low-income women, with very low-income women scoring the highest. These findings suggest that although low-income women have access to other services that may help to manage their stress and manage their physical recovery from pregnancy, there may be a higher unmet need for continuity of care at the end of pregnancy. Continuity of care is known to be important for women’s experience and satisfaction with maternity care[@R10] and high-quality continuity of care is linked with lower rates of hospitalisation in pregnancy.[@R29] Given the lower quality of the transition of care from hospital to home among these women, and the increasing gap in the provision of continuity of care at hospital discharge,[@R30] there may be a need to develop additional postnatal support services for women who have not received maternity care continuity.

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