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For the first time, you can purchase Cubase and then log in and continue to work with the software on your Mac(Opens in a new window) or PC, whether or not you’re utilizing a standard USB dongle or a wired Ethernet connection. The revamped version works just like any other digital-audio tool: you create, record, and edit audio using your Mac keyboard, mouse, or Track Pad, and playback using an Apple or PC-compatible USB audio system like an IEM or USB headphone amp. The only difference is that you’ll typically be paying for the software on your Mac or PC, rather than your router or wireless broadband.

Cubase also includes support for the popular MIDI sequencing program Komplete. It can track and capture MIDI information from any instrument on your Mac, so there’s nothing stopping you from laying down a full song in Komplete and then seamlessly moving it into an audio recording application as a full song. There’s no need to lay down multiple versions of your song and then combine them manually, or use a pricey virtual instrument to capture an instrument that you want to use. Cubase makes that easy, using expert software integration that recognizes a track’s key in real time. Komplete can then track velocity and controller data as well as note information, much of which can be edited and even exported for use in additional tracks. The entire process of mapping MIDI data is interactive and simple, and it’s only made even easier by adding Komplete’s flexible automation features.

Starting with version 12, Steinberg has assembled a new audio interface, the DIGI 65R, along with tweaked versions of the Studio and Composer console software. Cubase’s audio engine is the most advanced yet, with new Auto-Bass and FX units, a new tempo-sensitive Push function, improved reverb and delay options, bus-based effects, and enhanced multitrack capabilities that let you record, edit, and synchronize multiple audio sources simultaneously, all from the same keyboard, mouse, or trackpad.

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