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As Amys cryopreservation process was nearing the end, she received a message from her parents, telling her they were safe and asking her to join them. Although the message was encrypted, her parents had faith she would decode it, and told her where to look: Fortuna. The twelfth colony had been deployed to the habitable planet Jupiters moon. A cooperative venture funded by the multi-national corporation, the project was a dangerous one: a massive titanium mine, consuming even more ore than the other mines, mining a magnesium-enhanced surface of Jupiters moon, where the atmosphere is permeated with magnesium oxide. The miners’ job was to crack open a seam that was believed to have been a meteorite impact decades ago and get to the core of the planet, where it was suspected that there was a second, depleted layer of the planet and a second oxygen atmosphere. Although the crew of twelve had great doubt about their mission’s purpose, they did their best to fulfill the corporation’s orders, with some success. The miners had found the second layer of the planet within three days. Finding a third layer was the hard part. That’s when the second group of a hundred miners, led by Dale, had left their lead and gone missing.

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Today, tomorrow, or next week a person can lose their child to a violent death, or their home, or their job, or their freedom. You can lose your wife, your husband, your brother, your sister, your parents. You can lose your friends. But what if we all lost our freedoms? What if the government kidnapped all men and women and the only reason we were still allowed to live was because we could prove ourselves strong or we wouldn’t revolt? All people living in the same place, all citizens of the same country.