This Softpaq contains the files included on the Compaq System Board Software Adjustment CD. In the event your CD is damaged or missing, this Softpaq can be downloaded, extracted, and then written to CD-R/RW media using a CD-R/RW optical drive and CD-R/RW writing software.
Compaq System Board Software Adjustment will help you re-create the CD in moments.







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Compaq® Systems Board Software Adjustment CD can be used by your Compaq to install and adjust your BIOS (depending on the BIOS version and motherboard type) for the following specific models:
Compaq Presario 5000
Compaq Presario 5000e
Compaq Presario 6000
Compaq Presario 6000e
Compaq Presario 700
Compaq Presario 700e
Compaq Presario 800
Compaq Presario 800e
Compaq Presario 860
Compaq Presario 860e
Compaq Presario 840
Compaq Presario 840e
Compaq Presario CQ50
Compaq Presario CQ50e
Compaq Presario CS50
Compaq Presario CS50e
Compaq Presario CQ60
Compaq Presario CQ60e
Compaq Presario CQ80
Compaq Presario CQ80e
Compaq Presario CQ90
Compaq Presario CQ90e
Compaq Presario CQ1000
Compaq Presario CQ1000e
Compaq Presario VN11
Compaq Presario VN12
Compaq Presario VN20
Compaq Presario VN20e
Compaq Presario VN30
Compaq Presario VN30e
Compaq Presario VN50
Compaq Presario VN50e
Compaq Presario VN60
Compaq Presario VN60e
Compaq Presario VN70
Compaq Presario VN70e
Compaq Presario VN80
Compaq Presario VN80e
Compaq Presario VN90
Compaq Presario VN90e
Compaq Presario VN200
Compaq Presario VN200e
Compaq Presario VN300
Compaq Presario VN300e
Compaq Presario VN400
Compaq Presario VN400e
Compaq Presario VN500
Compaq Presario VN500e
Compaq Presario VN600
Compaq Presario VN600e
Compaq Presario VN700
Compaq Presario VN700e
Compaq Presario VN800
Compaq Presario VN800e
Compaq Presario VN900
Compaq Presario VN900e
Compaq Presario VN1000
Compaq Presario VN1000e
Compaq Presario V

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Compaq System Board Software Adjustment X64

Compaq System Board Software Adjustment CD

The scripts are not broken for apt-get, but when I tried the commands to test the installed version, it failed with:
‘modprobe -a’ command not found
FATAL: Module pulse_rt not found.
FATAL: Module sm_pps_rt not found.
FATAL: Module cfg80211_rt not found.
FATAL: Module cw1200_wlan_rt not found.
FATAL: Module cw1200_wlan_tables not found.
FATAL: Module cw1200_wlan_eeprom not found.
FATAL: Module nl80211_rt not found.
FATAL: Module nl80211_rtsock not found.
FATAL: Module nl80211_led not found.
FATAL: Module iwlwifi_led not found.
FATAL: Module wlan_sta_wext not found.
FATAL: Module wlan_sta_vht not found.
FATAL: Module wlan_sta_acl not found.
FATAL: Module wlan_sta_scan_notif not found.
FATAL: Module wlan_sta_privacy not found.
FATAL: Module wlan_sta_keep_assoc not found.
FATAL: Module wlan_sta_auth not found.
FATAL: Module wlan_sta_qos not found.
FATAL: Module wlan_sta_wmm not found.
FATAL: Module wlan_sta_debug not found.
FATAL: Module ieee80211_crypt_tkip not found.
FATAL: Module ieee80211_crypt_ccmp not found.
FATAL: Module ieee80211_crypt_wep not found.
FATAL: Module ieee80211_crypt_tkip_generic not found.
FATAL: Module ieee80211_crypt_ccmp_generic not found.

What’s New in the Compaq System Board Software Adjustment?

Compaq System Board Software Adjustment CD contains the files that are needed to create the
CD-ROM containing the following:

Softpaq #2, EZSofti Q/A Utility, and Disk Partition Utility.

This Software Adjustment CD is best used in conjunction with the following software

CD-R/RW software such as Nero Burning ROM or Quick Rewrite CD-R/RW Software.

Part I

Softpaq #2 – CD-ROM Boot Utility
Disk Partition Utility
EZSofti Q/A Utility
Quick Start Guide

Part II

Softpaq #2 – CD-ROM Boot Utility

Hard Drive Wiping Software
Troubleshooting Guide
This is only a sample list of what is included. If your CD contains the exact same files, you will find it is easy to use. If the software you need is not on the CD, download it from our web site, go to our Windows Quick Reference Guide, and then follow the directions on the CD.

Note: This CD-ROM does not include the Windows Vista version of Disk Partition Utility which is required to wipe the hard drive.

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