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Command And Conquer RA2 Exp – Yuri Revenge Hack Tool

I’d love to see you play the Original Command & Conquer / Tiberian Sun (most people would like a remake), but the ‘Red Alert 2’ engine is terrible. It was the only game that I played in single-player (other than the original) and it was horrible. RTS are not my strong suite and I’m sure you’ll probably agree it’s very tough to get into, but if you’re still interested, try Battleforge. Same engine but I think the graphics are more accessible. With the versions of Yuri’s Revenge and Red Alert 2 available on Steam, I’d suggest either of the Command & Conquer Collection games, which are both very fun (and free).

In my previous post about Red Alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge, I showed some cropped screenshots from the game. I was specifically missing a couple of units: the Personal War Robots and the Assault Wars. Here they are, reproduced with permission:

Some people had expressed an interest in being able to interact with the unused units and abilities in Yuri’s Revenge, so in the interim I’ve put together a little tool called Unofficial Yuri’s Revenge Patches (opens in new tab). Right-click to download and install. The “game” is completely standalone, so it doesn’t have any of the game files on the PC, nor does it include any of the backups of the game you might already have lying around. It’s basically just a patch of textures and sounds, with the ability to place the saved worlds back onto the maps. (While the saved worlds are mostly unmodified from Yuri’s Revenge, the save game data is modified from the original game data to support the patch. So there will be a noticeable “twist” to the game for Yuri’s Revenge owners and Yuri’s Revenge fans.)