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CAN I GET A NEW PICTURE ON THE SCREEN? Lions Animate in Cardiff City Museum in Cardiff. CelAnimation2d Animation Artwork and Character rigging for Lion Television’s series 6 of Horrible Histories! GAME ANIMATED! How to animate a game in CelAction2d A shot of us discussing how to animate a game in our in-house studio. We did a character link between two characters from ‘3-D’ and ‘2-D’ and saved it in a format that we could use in ‘CelAction2d’. It’s a fantastic way of having 3-D character’s animations on the ‘2-D’ animated sketches. CelAnimation2d Charactor Remeshing We added new features to the tool to make the process of remeshing characters easier and faster and to help us create new characters from scratch more easily. CELANIMATION2D How to create a flocking flock of birds with CelAnimation2d How to use CelAnimation2d to create and animate a new character from scratch. Character Linking Up The most powerful feature of CelAnimation2d is this feature called Character Linking Up. CelAnimation2d Flocking Birds HOW TO APPLY ELABORATESCelAnimation2d Flocking Birds Variation HOW TO APPLY ELABORATE SCeelsAnimation2d Flocking Birds ENDING CONCLUSIONS Changing a character’s face for a different expression in CelAnimation2d. CELACTION2D It’s very important to have the correct scale on your models. This will stop your characters from being wildly scaling to fit the frame and look out of proportion. It’s important to have a good sized cel for any complex scene. Our typical cel is 2300px wide. CELACTION2D Flipbook Animation GOING FOR GOLD It’s important to have the correct scale on your models. This will stop your characters from being wildly scaling to fit the frame and look out of proportion. We’ll have the opportunity to demo the tool at the BAFTA Welsh Proms. CelAnimation2D Flipbook I have some DVDs of my shows. The ones I like to watch the most are the shows I did with CelAction2d. CELACTION2D Animating Green Screening Go Ask Alice Movement How we animated Game On and How we animated The Go Ask Alice Movement animation for Channel 4. Mangled Cat How we animated Mangled Cat for Blue Peter. HOW WE DID THE TITLES We removed the ‘T’ from the title card and connected them together, and then imported this character into the show. CelAction2d Deniz Beşir Cel Animation 2d Animation Group Cloth Cat Animation’s Jon Rennie on CelAnimation2d. CELANIMATION2D CREATING A CHARACTER From scratch. HOW TO CREATE A CHARACTER FROM SCRATCH. CELANIMATION2D Creating Characters From Scratch! RON STARR LION RON STARR’S STORY Lion Television we’re proud to have partnered with one of the most successful entertainers in the world. These are the stories Jon is currently working on and has filmed for Channel 4. HOW DID THE FILM TEAM WORK HOW DID THE FILM TEAM WORK ON GIVE ME LIBERTY. Lampard in the transfer market. Let’s chase a free agent! This is how our drama was written. How to plan your story How to script your story using the CelAction2d model viewer. CELACTION2D Mini Turning our own minidisc recording into a storyboard, Mr Magic, how it was made. THE VIDEO SERIES How Mr Magic was made and how the creative process behind our top TV show Mr Magic got made.

celaction2d is the ideal animation software for today’s cg artists and digital artists. it is widely used in the industry, and has a host of useful features, including an automatic double-keyed colour system. it has several advanced tools for creating camera rigs, as well as for managing cameras, environments and lights.
the celaction2d software has been designed to be an intuitive and easy-to-use tool for animators. it is packed with powerful features, so that artists can get their production up and running quickly and easily.
as well as being able to import and export most file formats, the software will automatically detect the most common file types, and enable you to work with them quickly. by using the automatic double-keyed colour system, celaction2d automatically uses the correct colours for the correct areas of the object, so you do not have to create and manage these manually.
celaction2d’s scene and character management options are easy to use, and its easy to create and manage shots. the templates are simple, yet powerful, saving you time and making it easy to create new shots. you can easily drop a character onto a scene, and instantly create a new sequence for animation, making your work that much more efficient.
have you seen the title sequence for the new series of cbbc? the animation was done using celaction2d and the bbc, and the results are absolutely fantastic. there’s a lot of us at karrot animation using celaction2d, so if you’re interested in checking it out then head over to the karrot blog and look at the post called “celaction2d” and link to the demo video.