Cat Et 2011a Keygen 34 ((BETTER))


Cat Et 2011a Keygen 34

We take a break from our regular programming to bring you the debut audio from MASTER BOOT RECORD, as well as a perspective on the man behind the aliases. Keygen Church is a mask of artistry and emotion, but aside from the mystery and colluding aliases, little is known about the man behind the mask. The question is, how do you determine the mystery behind the mask? We encourage you to give the long-awaited album MASTER BOOT RECORD a listen.

Since his debut in 2012, Vittorio DaMaore has been a busy man. Following the release of DARK CRIMINAL in 2012, the producer took a year to follow up, releasing EARTH LABS in 2013. In between the release of the tracks, he has been forming an eclectic ambient-synth scene in the form of MASTER BOOT RECORD. Since 2013, DaMaore has continued to make a sound full of his own personality, constantly dabbling in different styles of electronic music. DaMaore’s recent efforts, KEYGEN CHURCH, have been heavily focused on his futuristic vision of electronic music. He has done so, in the best way possible, by giving his very own spin to synths, EDM and an all-encompassing cyber-wave.
KEYGEN CHURCH – Keygen Church – KEYGEN CHURCH Debut Album By Keygen Church
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Its been nearly 5 years since Keygen Church have graced us with new material. For those who dont know Keygen Church, he is an Italian composer, producer and serialist who is best known for his work with the Oblique Strategies label. He has released as many as 100 compositions over the past 4 years. If you get a chance to dig into any of his music youll notice an uncanny similarity to the music of electro/goth-influenced artists like Crystal Castles and NIN. His music is continually evolving as hes been releasing an EP a year for the past two. Coming off of the EP Mahogany in November, Keygen Church is back with the new EP Guilty Gaze which features a special guest appearance from my personal favorite group, Crystal Castles.

Keygen Church has been doing this for so long, and theres so many more episodes he should have recorded, but on this set there is also a whole lot more death/drone. It still maintains that DAmores signature album sound, but like I said earlier its much fuller, more rock, and a tad more frenetic. If youre a fan of the more death metal oriented bands like Godflesh, Candlemass, early Incantation, Morbid Angel, Immortal, and Pain, youll find this record fantastic. If you love the gothic/electro/industrial soundtrack stuff like Immortal, Meshuggah, The Gathering, Piggy Dsich, NIN, and the like, there will be something to match what youre looking for here too.

While I loved listening to MBR run through a pair of amps in his garage, this one was a bit different. We produced this in the studios of in Brooklyn.