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Camac Cmk 858 Driver Zip

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What happens to the extra IPv4 space that was created by changing /8 to /32?

I remember reading that when you change an /8 to a /32 the remaining /8 gets split into /28 subnets.
Is this correct? Does the /32 get split into /28 subnets?
The reason I am asking this is because I’m trying to calculate how many IP addresses a router needs to have for its IP (subnet) table, assuming I need at least 24 addresses (IPv4). I have a /8 of which in turn has a /28 of meaning I need 16 addresses.
However, if the remaining space gets split into /28 subnets how many IP addresses does each subnet get? In this case, a /28 of would equal /24 or, meaning I would only need 9 subnets.
Is there anyone that has a good resource that explains this process?


In the /24, there’s a contiguous group of 224/24 (which is the remainder of addresses starting at
When you change it to a /32, then the 224 addresses are split between two subnets.
Each subnet can have a different netmask (e.g., has, as long as it’s the same subnet.
The same thing happens when you change an /16 to a /24: there’s a contiguous group of 224/16 (the remainder of addresses starting at
If you continue this process, you can change an /8 into a /25 and keep on splitting a /25 until you go to a full /32.
A subnet is not required to be contiguous, but if you need something like /28 or /29, the addresses have to be completely within a