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Bongo 2 0 Beta Serial Numberl

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free software is a great thing, but it’s also a good business idea. so i took the best of the bongo 2 0 and applied it to a serial number system. it’s free, it’s cross platform, it’s open source, it’s fast and it’s pretty easy to use.
this bongo serial number system is a customisable tool for recording information about serial numbers. it allows a user to create a new record called a serial number, and fill in the details. it can also be used to edit existing records, change the values in a serial number, or delete them.
when the user adds or edits a serial number, they can set the validity period, a unique label, and a unique identifier. the validity period is the number of days or weeks the serial number is valid for, and the unique label is the name you want to give it. if the user doesn’t set a unique label, a random label is automatically generated. the unique identifier can be a number, or a name. a name is more secure, but it’s also more expensive to create, so it’s not recommended for bigger projects. you can also create multiple serial numbers, and set the validity period and unique identifier to be the same for all of them.
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