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If you want a semi-automated solution, you may use a Mac app called browserClam. It is not free, but for those on a budget the price is very reasonable. You will need to sign up for an account to use it, but after that it is easy to click on your browsers address bar and select download.

Much software is not available for free. To obtain even free software, you need to act illegally. If you hack, crack, or re-distribute software, then you are doing an illegal act. If you do this, you are breaking copyrights and could be subjected to imprisonment. If you do not pay money to the owner of the software, he may stop selling, supporting and making updates to it. If this occurs, you may lose all the benefits of owning the software.

Users of software can be charged thousands of dollars for fees and licences. Software creators and manufacturers rely on these fees to recover the millions of dollars spent in creating, updating and maintaining the software.