The best way to protect your laptop and your data from online threats is by changing its password. However, it becomes difficult to change your password every time you want to use it, thus, a password manager becomes an excellent choice. As its name suggests, KeePass is an open source cross-platform password manager that lets you create and manage a database of different passwords which you can sync to all of your devices.

Whether its for business or leisure, Apple devices have always been well-liked by people around the globe. It has also garnered much popularity over the years due to its different specs and features. Thus, millions of users have already placed their faith and reliance in its products. All the best bet for users is to scan it regularly, and when something unusual happens, do a backup and wipe it. You can find it here.

The trendiest thing in the market are smartphones and tablets. It is due to their premium price and very tempting designs. However, there is a small risk in that the device can get damaged from all sorts of external factors. Thus, you must protect the device from such threats. One of the best ways to do so, is by downloading a security app on your smartphone.

With the latest advancements in the market, several mobile operating systems are added with all the essential features to make the mobile experience better. For example, in the case of iOS, you can now download the official application from Apple and use it. Another interesting thing about iOS is that you can even run third-party applications on it. For example, today we will talk about Pokémon GO (or Pokemon GO ).