It’s always good to have at least 2 sites to download games on. Chances are, whatever site has the best programs is going to have the best website as well. That’s why we’ve got a list of the best . There’s usually a couple of options for each category, including the best and most popular. I’ve also included my top pick in the list of favorites on the right.

If you’re looking for Windows games and applications, you can find them all here at the all-encompassing Bleeping Computer. It’s got freebies like Windows updates and chat tools, as well as paid alternatives such as RescueDisk, which aims to restore data from a Windows installation that was already infected. There’s a game torrents section too. It’s useful for anyone looking for a quick way of searching for games, and if you’re looking for apps then try Apps-Download . As always, use the search box to find what you need.

Though sometimes dozens of sites are dedicated to a particular software, not all of them are useful, and those that are useful are sometimes tailored to specific users. Other sites may be meant to cater for lots of users, but that means there might be lots of fake versions floating around the place. And you have to upload the app, which means you take all that risk yourself!

Most of the top sites in the list run a client program called public-repo that finds software by looking at what’s being downloaded from Github, where developers tend to post their code. It then compares what it has downloaded to already available on the site and displays a link to the version you’re searching for.