For the most part, software on Bubble or Soft32 is what you get elsewhere, but there are some exceptions.

  • Among the thousands of Windows programs listed on Bubble, WinSX is notably absent, so if you’re one of its fans, you can still download it here.
  • More appware downloads can be found on Soft32 than anywhere else, with it having around 50,000 programs to download.
  • The description is brief and so is the changelog, so this is not a site with details on programs.

If you’re looking for a good selection of Windows programs, ProSoft is one of the best sites on the Internet. This is a large collection of more than 3000 apps on a wide variety of subjects. Plus, it’s got a useful and easy-to-use software selection function.

  • The newest software is listed first, so you don’t have to scroll through lots of old software.
  • Descriptions are useful because they offer a complete changelog and more.
  • The Programs Categories help make sure you get what you want, and the Help and Tutorial section is helpful if you can’t figure it out.

Third-party sites allow you to download cracked and full versions of Windows 10, but you’ll often find a higher number of software products than we do. Another good thing about these sites is that you can download both versions of Windows, so if you run into a problem after installing your new version, you can always go back to the older one.

Since Windows 10 1607 is going to be released, it would be best to get the installation media from there before they release it so that you can get the media without the pre-release bug that affects all the downloads that link directly from the page.