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the heroine in charlie and the chocolate factory has a split personality. when willy wonka demands, “show me what you can do, charlie!” the chocolatier, veruca, rushes into another room to help charlie prepare to demonstrate his talents. veruca joins him in this room, where her left hand reveals a large mouth, while her right arm is transformed into an armature, courtesy of a large machine. she later becomes a screaming, quacking duck, which must be restrained, by gum, to stop her from escaping. (james berardinelli) read more

chris hemsworth has written many a memorable roles, but has never come close to stealing the blockbuster spotlight like he did in “thor.” the actor’s career has gone from strength to strength, and it appears that the “avengers” star is destined to grow in the next chapter of his career. with over $1.2 billion in worldwide box office receipts, thor is one of the most successful films of all time (think about that), and it’s hard to imagine the success of the next installment will be any different. the film is due out next year.

the weather must be great in a magic kingdom. late august, early september in florida is the equivalent of late september everywhere else. we were far from the boardwalk, but you know what they say about florida. ah, who am i kidding. we’d barely have room for our car, let alone the tent. it was cinco de mayo weekend, and we were going to have to spend the entire holiday in the car. we were on the road before sunrise.

if you haven’t watched “the hunger games”, “catching fire” and “mockingjay” yet, you’re in luck! the films are available on dvd or blu-ray, and can be viewed in movie theaters all over the world, and that’s right here in the us.

what are your favorite drinks? also, my kids are picky drinkers so i make a lot of flavored “diet” juices. i prefer the taste of diet colas. it is still a drink on it’s own. they do not have extra calories and they are very tasty. my personal favorite is dr pepper cherry vanilla. i also like it with ice, even though it is a diet drink.
i drink coffee. i do not drink tea because it makes me really tired. i also drink the vanilla soda with 0% fat added. that does not make me tired, and it is very low in calories. i drink coffee with milk and i also drink vanilla soda with 0% fat added.
do you ever stay up late to watch ‘rupaul’s drag race’ with your sweetie? maybe you have some movie trivia to discuss? these group chats are perfect for people who like to think about pop culture. here are three tips for starting group chats:
1. choose where to chat. facebook groups are the most popular but they’re not the only ones out there. you can also have a slack channel, telegram channel or other private group. pick one that’s right for you, one that’s familiar to your friends and family. for example, if you use slack, make a slack channel for your group and invite your friends over there.
3. pick some questions for your group chat. how do you want to start? you can ask about your favorite movies or the silly things you just said at the party last weekend. the questions don’t have to be serious, but they do need to be fun, light-hearted and relevant.
star trek has lived for decades in ‘the final frontier,’ beyond any exploration or understanding of the unknown. well, all that has changed now. as filmmaker and writer jeff jensen explores in this charming documentary, the final frontier is just a few feet in front of our eyes – and, once we look hard enough, we can see into our own minds and hearts. some of the most notable innovators – from tesla to mozart to denis, mark, and courtney – share their insights on how they work and how we can apply their ideas to our own lives. they’ll also explain how living on the edge of the final frontier of exploration has shaped their creativity and their worldview.