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As of May 2018, AutoCAD software runs on systems running macOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems. On macOS and Windows systems, the latest version of AutoCAD is currently 2017.

AutoCAD, like other CAD software, helps architects, engineers, planners, and drafters (collectively referred to as “architects”) draw, edit, and share 2D and 3D drawings. Some CAD software includes integrated tools for 2D drawing, such as illustration or drafting. AutoCAD is used for architectural design and drawing, construction drawing and documentation, drafting, mechanical design, electrical design, civil engineering, and land surveying. AutoCAD is also used for product design and development, mapping, GIS mapping, and technical illustration.

Since the release of AutoCAD in 1982, the software has continued to evolve, adding features such as 3D modeling, annotation, 2D drafting, rendering, UV mapping, importing and exporting drawings in and to other software, and general program optimization. AutoCAD continues to be bundled with 3D Studio Max (since 1993) and Autodesk Inventor (since 1999), and can also be used to develop modeling applications or mobile apps.

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AutoCAD Features

Some of the main features of AutoCAD are:

General Drawing and Design:

2D and 3D drawing, text, annotation, 2D to 3D and 3D to 2D conversions, and geometric modeling

Meaningful Paths (MPath) and smart links (connecting lines or sections to other components in the drawing or model)

Drawing tools for drawing rectangles, ovals, arcs, circles, ellipses, and polygons; tool tips for selecting or connecting objects

Undo and Redo functionality

Automatic dimming (so users can easily switch between viewing a drawing and another area of the screen or screen region)

Selection tools to select objects and the drawing area

Magic Wand to select multiple objects at once

Lines, polylines, and polylines (splines) for smooth drawing of freehand lines and curves and for specifying an array of connected points

Fitting and snapping to other objects

Dimension tools for measuring, setting dimensions, and dimensioning objects

Support for

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The Outliner view of the interface and also part of the drawing editing and analysis modules of the software. The outliner stores the current selection within the drawing, as well as the co-ordinates and object types of that selection. The Outliner can be used to navigate and edit drawings. There are various ways to export the data to spreadsheets. Outliner features include:
Highlighting of objects and editing that highlights in different colours.
Selection and editing of all layers within a drawing.
Cutting, copying, and pasting with layer visibility.
Export and import of drawing objects and drawings to other applications.
Ability to copy data from one drawing to another.
The ability to search for documents based on name and date within the drawing.

AutoCAD is able to open or convert common file formats such as DXF, DWG, DGN, and other popular file formats for the drafting industry. The drawing files can be opened in AutoCAD as well as directly exported as DXF.

Add-on applications and modules
There are many add-on applications for AutoCAD, many of which also function as AutoCAD plugins. The Autodesk Exchange Apps section of the Autodesk website offers these application and plugin information.

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External links

Official website
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You can start using Autodesk Autocad and Autodesk Autocad Pro 2020 on your Windows 10 computer.

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What’s New in the?

Revise drawing: When you open a draft drawing, you can use previously marked dimensions in the drawing to effortlessly revise those dimensions. (video: 5:30 min.)

Generate Multijob:

Automatically generate multijob using a multijob template and create it from scratch with your own job definitions, without additional drawing steps. (video: 3:30 min.)

Extended tagging: Tag individual parameters in a multijob by using new tag types. (video: 2:50 min.)

Applying styles and modifying subviews:

The New Applying and Modifying Styles dialog box offers a quick access to the most used options to quickly apply and modify all your styles. (video: 3:05 min.)

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