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#!/usr/bin/env python

Copyright (c) 2006-2017 sqlmap developers (
See the file ‘doc/COPYING’ for copying permission

import re
import sys
from xml.etree import ElementTree

from lib.core.common import Backend
from import conf
from import logger
from lib.core.exception import SqlmapDataException
from lib.core.enums import HTTP_HEADER
from lib.core.settings import SETTINGS

class SkipHtmlParser:
Used when the input contains html and html parsers are not applicable.
This means, that the input contains mixed html and plain text or plain
html and html.

def __init__(self):
self.__skip_parsers = {}

# values for the HTTP header

def parse(self, content, encoding):
:param str content: content to be analyzed
:param str encoding: HTML encoding to use.

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[nggallery id=1 show_thumbs=1]The cyclical up and down in trade at the end of a gold cycle happens in waves, followed by 2-year pain as it ‘gums up’ the economy. Each cycle gets longer as time goes on, but not nearly to the point that the economic state-of-affairs we find ourselves in today with a leader in the White House who acts like Vladimir Putin, and a top financial official who sees no risk in destroying the global economy, both appear to be in a manic state of activity.

Obviously there is no bottom in sight to the 2 years of economic pain right now, as the trade war escalates, the Fed raises rates, and the economy just keeps moving further and further into recession.

The chart below demonstrates a close relationship between the delivery of easy money to the US and a gold cycle. The QE has been the catalyst of the gold bull market from 2011 to this point, but as the next chart shows, it is actually the Fed’s currency war against China (currency manipulation) which caused the economic pain to begin.

The chart below, taken from Zero Hedge, shows the slowness in the Fed’s action following the financial crisis of 2008. The Fed and US Treasury rolled out hundreds of billions in loans to Wall Street (e.g. Fed’s QE) and then, as the economy began to deteriorate, the Fed did nothing (which was actually QT, or Quantitative Tightening) until it was too late. This slow response to the 2008 financial crisis in the US is what likely triggered the Chinese economic decision to crash the Yuan last year, with what could be a multi-year, sustained economic depression if we don’t get some immediate stimulus.

The next chart, which is out of Bloomberg, shows all the financial statements coming from China as we get closer to the March 30th announcement of $2.3 Trillion in new loans.

And of course, there was China’s $1.2 Trillion in US bonds “invested” in the US (in the form of swaps). We’ve seen similar activity in the 20’s, and again right now, but the massive infusion of cash into the US system is