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Asme Ptc 4.1 Pdf Free 14

asme’s standardized design practice is to not assign letter grades to any of its standards. the intent is that no standard is ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than any other standard. additionally, asme does not provide a grade for a standard that it has not adopted. the intent of this procedure is to avoid the use of grades as a means of defining the quality of a standard. furthermore, asme does not assign letter grades to its standards for other reasons, including the following:

  • the standards are intended to be used by a broad group of users. if any group of users cannot be affected by the grading of a standard, such as the u.s. navy, then the grade of a standard should not be based upon its impact on that group.
  • the application of grades to a standard is not consistent with the intent of asme standards.
  • the grading of a standard does not guarantee the quality of that standard. if a standard has been subject to serious flaws, then the grade would be low regardless of any impact on the quality of the standard.

targeting the development of a new standard, the technical committee appoints a task force composed of subject matter experts and committees. the task force develops a draft of the standard and solicits comments from members of the asme standards and certification, boiler and pressure vessel, and energy efficiency committees, as well as other interested members of the asme membership. draft standard specifications are then circulated for public comment for 6 months before the standard is published. no standards have been adopted by the asme board on standardization and testing, therefore, they do not meet the requirements for listing in the standard & testing database.