Ark Survival Evolved 18 Mods

the biomes will be found in the default ark survival evolved game, but won’t spawn unless you add them to your gamedata.ini file. the biomes themselves are 100% flat. there are no plants in the biomes, and they all have 100% tree density.

we are also working on our new mod manager and mod kit to support this release. the new mod kit will give modders a much simpler process to make mods, and we are working on a new mod manager for updating, testing, and submitting new mods to steam workshop. stay tuned for more info.

**9/14, v266.3: **
the ark dev kit v266.2 has been deployed on epic launcher! note, if you are only making mods (not tcs) and want a faster play in editor time, clear out the arrays in blueprint/game/primalearth/coreblueprints/base_extraresourcescontainer.base_extraresourcescontainer, and save that. the devkit will then only cache a much smaller fraction of game classes into memory upon starting up pie (no dinos, etc).

you can apply a map extension along with any other stackable mods as normal (and even with other map extensions, though the first environmental extension on the list takes precedence with regards to overriding a map). we encourage all map extensions to say map extension: in their title and to list which sublevels they add or override (as done in the sample here ), to help end-users avoid map extension stacking conflicts.

this update also has an increase to the engines uobject limit (only in the editor!)
some very large mods were prone to hit this limit in the editor, potentially causing them to lose the ability to edit their mod files at all. we have doubled to limit in the editor to give some breathing room but it is something that mod authors should be aware of if you are going to be making large mods.
the editor itself uses a lot of the same base classes that the game does, the ue4 editor ui is even built using slate.

there is also a new field in the basegenericcontroller field of the blueprint, called “build mode”, now called “build mode”, and the changebuildmode function, which is a blueprint custom c++ type function.
all latest pc content thru v269! all new darwin correspondence project labs! scorchedearth content!! i highly recommend reviewing all of the dino blueprint logics. there are massive amounts of new features for dino behaviors and huge amounts of new general blueprint functions & variables, as well as new buff & weapon functionalities. the scorchedearth map itself also has some very interesting blueprint functionality that interacts with a new blueprint daycyclemanager. this content update is a massive revision all the way to the very core of the game, the game itself has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. the entire mod tree from this update is now included, which is why i updated all the mod “crates” to reflect this. this all means that if you have mods/files outside of the public_arn/steamworks folders, they will require a full re-update to this mod tree!
**8/27, v269.9: ** all latest pc content thru v269.9! we recommend that you manually backup your existing generated_map cache files somewhere safe (in order to keep your vanilla experience), and then clear your cache/db_old files prior to running the install script. to do so, open the arkmod/game folder and remove the generated_map cache/db_old files.
all new darwin correspondence project labs! now with interaction. the labs provide a complex and thriving ecosystem filled with all kinds of pre-existing nifs to play with! there are many dynamics that go into each laboratory, and the result is the place that you can enjoy the benefits of thousands of years of evolution in a very short amount of time.