Air Traffic Controller 3 English Language Pack

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Air Traffic Controller 3 English Language Pack

In this function, you are assigned to one of the flight control divisions and will manage the traffic flow around your sector.
You will be responsible for managing the activity of all aircraft in your sector. All aircraft are assigned to a specific sector and you will issue instructions to pilots of aircraft in your area and control air traffic flow by managing the frequencies used.
Air traffic flow is also an important factor in determining the size of your sector. The higher the volume of aircraft around you, the larger the sector you will manage. When you move to another flight control area, the information associated with the sectors you have previously managed is transferred.

Q: The game crashes shortly after I pressed the Start button.
A: The game requires the system language to be Japanese. To solve this problem Microsoft(c) offers a tool called AppLocale which makes the game believe that the system language is Japanese without changing the actual system language.
This bug is fixed in both the Lanuage Pack and the Headon Patches, so you dont have to use AppLocale once you installed one of these.

At the end of your training, youll be able to apply for a job as an air traffic controller. Once you have completed the first year of the associate degree program, youll be able to work as an air traffic controller with a 100 percent entry-level flight attendant position. The air traffic control program is designed to provide an excellent basis for advancement within your career and for eligibility for the next higher civil service examination.