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the free version of this application also includes a schedule book for your repeating events and an alarm clock. in order to get full access to the application you have to download the premium version, which is priced at 7.99. in this version you will also be able to edit and make changes in your calendar book and alarm clock, to add your own reminders and to see your reminders in an grid.

so, basically safari could have been much better if apple had stuck with things that safari was good at and stuck with “we want to create great user experiences that don’t have to be tethered to a computer.” given a choice between that and full touchscreen support, i’d choose full touchscreen support.

the application is yet to be developed. but still, you should be happy to know that this is one of the apps that is currently in development, and was recently released on the market for free. you will have to be the lucky participant of the hackathon if you want to try out the beta edition.
you can drag all the contact details from the contact section from your recent contacts.

as it is an android mobile application, it will download in your mobile phone and run on your android mobile. it allows users to search the web on the go. some of the search terms are as follows. for example, search for “top 10” or “top 5” etc.
the app shows the number of results found and also provides the option to save the search to a favorites list.
the search results can be read in the notes section of the app.
you can also search for blogs, news websites, forums, and other web pages.
the selected results are shown in a list, and clicking on the results opens the page in a new tab.
the app also allows users to download the saved searches to their android mobile phone.

meet you all i’m very excited about my android and ios comparison post because i have had no time to blog. i’ve been busy traveling! so i’m introducing a new series of posts which are day by day android or ios post. i’m very excited about this new series because i’m a long time android user and know it all almost. and i’m a complete ios noob. so this post is to help you decide which platform is better. i am trying to do a new series of comparison posts where i talk about the pros and cons of the various mobile operating systems. from the perspective of a tech engineer as well as a mobile user. i don’t want to just be your typical techy blogger. rather i want to add value. to tell you the truth i don’t like any phone platforms. for me smartphone should be a place where i can install my apps, listen to music and watch movies, play games, use the camera and about the phone’s hardware i’ll leave it for the video which you can watch later. the android operating system is almost as mature as ios when it comes to modern smartphones. that’s the good thing about android. they do a very good job at keeping up with what new technology comes out. by contrast, in the mobile operating systems, apple is still a very nascent player in the mobile industry. they created the iphone way back in 2007, and have been working on improving it ever since. in contrast, android was created by a software company to create an open-source operating system. it is widely considered the mobile platform of choice for anyone who wants to create a mobile app today. however, the android is more complex and less intuitive in day to day use. i’ve had a phone that is a glorified dumb phone. it had basic texting and voice calling capabilities. but it had a large screen and was very fast. don’t get me wrong, i’m not bashing android. but it’s not for everyone. android is great for diyers and it makes sense for parents to introduce their kids to the world of technology. but if you want to have a great phone that is one of the best smartphones in the world, with a custom design and a screen that can do almost anything you want to do, you should look at the iphone.