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You’re right. The learning curve of Illustrator is terrifying, but it’s also not that hard to use.

To a point, but it does become pretty fidgety if you try to use it to achieve a specific effect.

For example, I did an Illustrator portrait from a photo-based project I was working on recently. I tried to create a curved stroke effect on the sleeve to mimic fabric. I wanted to curve around the top of the image so as to pull the viewer’s eye past the “sleeve” of the image to an area where I wanted people’s attention.

I created the curved stroke, which worked well for the central part of the image.

Then I got to the top of the sleeve and realized that the curve wasn’t behaving like I expected.

To try to smooth it out further, I reduced the amount of control points and the curve became really jagged and unpredictable. A quick google search revealed that this was probably caused by the fact that I’d used the Pen tool to create the curve, and the pen tool didn’t let me go back and create more control points in a different manner.

It’s a bit of a lesson learned there. But the point is that Illustrator can be a fidgety tool. That said, and this is really just a personal view, I would say that you can create interesting effects, even complex and multi-layered ones, with Illustrator. It’s really just the process of controlling how you want to get to a result that can be frustrating.

Overall, Illustrator is a great tool.

I’d recommend using it for those complex effects you can’t get with Photoshop and its brushes and similar tools.

I’m not that familiar with Illustrator’s newer CC iterations, but I’d imagine these changes haven’t eradicated the fidgetiness of the tool.

– BH



Thanks Bryan. I think where Illustrator falls short is in its ease of portability, especially when trying to accomplish quick and dirty projects.

I suspect one of the reasons Adobe switched to the “illustrator family” (CC being one of

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