Adata Classic Ch94 Driver Windows 7 91

hi james,
when i run testdisk it shows me some folders, one is “system reserved” i dont know if this is the boot sector or my fat32 partition, which one? i would go with the fat32 partition, the fat32 partition is the format i need..
so, i clicked on the “boot” button, then in the split-up screen, “fix” button, then i clicked on the “g” button, and then selected the fat32 partition, what can i do now? how to restore the boot sector?
thanks for your help, i am trying to find an way to restore my lost data after i copy it from ubuntu to windows, thanks again for your help. any more detail would be helpful. thanks

other notes:

  • getdatabackforntfs only goes back 7 days, also the default amount of time is 3 days. keep your controller plugged in.
  • if you want to use the included disk, make sure you select it before you start the scan.
  • the drive has 4 partitions, one of them is for recovery.
  • check your partition sizes, and make sure they are not too small.
  • with a pretty high pf or low iop, you can get a scan done in as little as 4 hours.
  • i was unable to read the boot sector of your drive.

i was able to get all 10 games onto the drive but the only one that will work, mostly due to game the box says that it is compatable with the nintendo wii 2nd generation, does this mean that once you put these games on the drive it will not work with the nintendo 3rd generation wiis?

so you got all 10 games onto the drive, but only one is supported on the 3rd gen? and not many of the 2nd gen games work on the 3rd gen? i would say that sony would help you out if you kept trying if you could reproduce the same problem on an identical sony drive, however, sometimes this is impossible.